How to Trace a Xiaomi Cellphone Very Easily

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OPTICXCESSHow to Trace a Xiaomi Cellphone Very Easily

A natural thing when we are careless to forget where the smartphone is located. Fortunately, Xiaomi devices have several features that can be used to anticipate this.

By using its operating system called MIUI, Xiaomi provides a variety of homemade smartphones with additional equipment. One of them, they provided him with a cloud-based service called Mi Cloud.

Mi Cloud is a service that allows Xiaomi users to store data such as contacts, messages, photos, and notes on their servers. But in addition to these main functions, this service also has a feature to scan the location of devices using the MIUI system.

That is, users can use it to track Xiaomi devices that are accidentally lost. So how to Trace a Xiaomi Cellphone using this feature? Let’s discuss in more depth in this article!

How can I track my lost Xiaomi phone?

Before goes further, there are things that need to be considered so that this method is used successfully. In this case, the most important thing is that you must first turn on the Find Device feature.

For those of you who don’t know how to turn it on. You can open Settings then select Mi Account then Mi Cloud. Tap on the Find Device section, then click Turn on Find Device. Enter the password when prompted and click the OK button.

It’s also important to note that the steps to activate Find Device apply to the newer MIUI version. Therefore, you need to adjust it a little if you use a different version. But usually have more or less the same steps.

After this feature is activated, you will only be able to use the Find Device feature to track down a missing Xiaomi phone. To use it, you can open the page and log in using the same account as the account on the device.

How to Trace a Xiaomi Cellphone Very Easily

How to Trace a Xiaomi Cellphone Very Easily

When you have successfully entered the Mi Cloud service, then search for and select the Find Device option. If you use the account on several devices, you need to choose which device to look for through the Device menu in the upper right corner.

If your device is still alive and connected to the internet, you can press the Locate button. When the location is found, you can press the Noise button to make the device sound so you can more easily find it in the area.

In addition to using these two features, you can also use the Lost Mode feature to lock your device with lost messages and contact numbers. You can also use the wipe feature to erase all data if the device is really not found.

To find Xiaomi devices, you can also use Google’s Find My Device feature. This feature is a common feature commonly used to Trace Xiaomi Cellphone devices in general.

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