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OPTICXCESS — Send WhatsApp Messages Without Save Contact Numbers

When we have to send WhatsApp messages to strangers, whether it’s because of buying and selling or other matters, maybe we want to be able to send messages without having to save that person’s contact number. I also often have thoughts like this, it feels lazy to add too many contacts just to be able to send a short message once or twice.

But unfortunately the WhatsApp application does not have such a feature, in order to send messages via the WhatsApp application on a cellphone, we must save the number in our contact list. The number must also be named first so that it is easier to find, which is a bit complicated in my opinion.

Fortunately, there is a trick we can use to send WhatsApp messages without saving the cellphone number first. This method is what I always use now, and you can do it too. The method is very easy, we don’t need to install any application, all you need is a browser and a special URL that has been modified. Here is the tutorial.

How to send WhatsApp messages without saving contact numbers

Open a browser

The first step is to open a browser on your cellphone, you can use the default Android browser or use Google Chrome. In this tutorial, I will use the Google Chrome browser.

Enter the sender’s url

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Save Contact

In the browser address bar, enter the following url:

Change the cellphone number in the URL according to the WA number you want to send the message to. Numbers must start with region code instead of 0. Numbers do not need to use the + character at the beginning.

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Press enter

After entering the URL of sending the WhatsApp message correctly, press the enter or Go button on the cellphone keyboard to execute the URL. Wait a moment, later we will be redirected to the WhatsApp click to chat page.

Press the MESSAGE button

Send WhatsApp Messages Without Save Contact

After entering the WhatsApp fire page click to chat, you will see a screen similar to the image above. Make sure the number addressed is correct then click the MESSAGE button.

If on your cellphone there is more than one WhatsApp application, for example one regular WhatsApp account and one WhatsApp Business, then there will be a question on which application pop up window you want to use, select the application you want to use by double-pressing it. But if there is only one WA application on the cellphone, we will go straight to the chat.

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Type a message

After pressing the MESSAGE button we will be taken to the WhatsApp chat page with the destination number that we input earlier. All you have to do is type the message as usual, or if you have prepared the template, just copy and paste the message into the chat.

Send message without saving number

When you’re done typing your message, send the message by pressing the send button as usual. Then the message will be sent to the destination number without having to save it at all.

How easy is it?

I have often used this method, especially if I want to buy something online. Usually online shop owners have also prepared this URL, so we only need to click on it and can send messages without having to save the seller’s contact on our cellphone. But if they don’t prepare the URL, we can make it yourself using the tutorial above.

This trick can be used on both Android and iPhone phones and can work on all providers provided that the number is connected to WhatsApp. If it turns out that the number is not a WA number then we cannot enter the chat and an error message will appear “The phone number isn’t on WhatsApp” which means the number is not a WA number.

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