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How To Take Care Planted Android Smartphone Battery

Today’s technological developments have been very rapid, especially with one of the communication tools, namely the Android cellphone. It is undeniable that we can always find someone playing their Android phone. With prices that are increasingly affordable and can be obtained by many people, Android has increased its users.

Talking about Android, Android has the most important component, namely the battery. The android battery is a resource from Android so that it can work better. Previously, we could remove the Android battery at will. But now the latest Android in any brand applies a built-in or non-removable battery.

Planted Android Smartphone Battery

Because all smartphones are now implementing implanted batteries starting from Android and even iPhones, we as users must maintain and care for the quality of the planted battery from the smartphone. Because if we have problems with the battery components, we cannot freely remove the battery by ourselves. To remove the implanted battery, you have to go through the nearest service counter.

The built-in battery is arguably more durable than a removable battery. Because in the embedded battery, it is designed in such a way so as not to be wasteful, not easily damaged, and still durable. However, there is still a drawback, namely that we cannot remove the battery freely.

How To Take Care Planted Android Smartphone Battery

Use Original Charger

This is the most important point for caring for the built-in battery so that it is durable and not damaged. Every time you buy a smartphone, it is certain that a charger is provided in the box. Using an original charger has become mandatory because not all chargers can match the power to a smartphone.

There have been many cases that have experienced smartphone users when using a charger that is not original. Starting from the leaky battery and even the charger was also damaged. Therefore, avoid using chargers that are not original from the smartphone. It’s usually more expensive. But it is also to avoid damage to the smartphone and also avoid greater losses.

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Don’t Use Smartphone While Charging

Indeed this is a trivial matter, but it also affects the quality of the smartphone battery later. Using a smartphone while on the charger makes the power entering electricity to the smartphone hampered because at the same time there is activity on the smartphone that makes it hot. This can damage the components in the built-in battery and make the battery life more quickly damaged.

Charge Battery When Touching 20%

All smartphone users must have encountered all notification messages as soon as charging the battery when the battery charge has touched 20% down. It has been recommended to immediately charge the battery at 20% so that the planted battery remains durable and does not get damaged quickly. So when the notification message comes out, hurry up and charge your battery.

Avoid Charging the Battery then go to Sleep

Very many people charge their smartphones and are left sleeping so that when they wake up the battery is full. For you, if you do this, you have to stop this habit. Likewise with tip number 3 if lack of power is not good, excess power is also not good. Because this can make the implanted battery components quickly damaged and dangerous. There have been many cases of the battery swelling and even exploding due to an overcharge in the implanted battery.

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Reduce Power Bank Usage and Charging Car Batteries

If you use power bank too often or charge the battery in the car, it will make your smartphone’s implanted battery break down quickly. The use of batteries in cars and power banks that have an unstable electric current for smartphone batteries affects the battery component. If you do this too often, it will make your battery easily damaged and unusable.

So, here are some tips on how to care for the planted Android smartphone and iPhone battery to make it more durable and not easily damaged. Hopefully this article is useful and adds to your knowledge and insight.

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