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Creating business cards with your own design can be done easily using the Microsoft Word application. With a little touch of creativity, we can make a pretty cool business card, not inferior to a business card designed using graphic design applications such as Corel Draw or Photoshop. On this occasion, technocentric will share how.

Having an attractive business card will make us more confident when giving it to potential customers or business partners we meet. By designing our own business card we have the opportunity to place the logo and other graphic elements as desired.

But if your design skills are not too proficient, you can use a template that is already in the Microsoft Word application so that the process of making business cards will be very easy and fast.

How to Make Business Cards with Microsoft Word

Open the Microsoft Word application

The first step is to open the Microsoft Word application. Also, make sure the computer is connected to the internet because later we will download the desired business card template.

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Choose File> New> Business

Next, create a new document by clicking the New button and then selecting Business. You will see the various business card templates available.

Making Business Cards With Microsoft Word

Select the desired template

Find a template with a design that you think is the best and fits your field of work or business and then download the template.

Making Business Cards With Microsoft Word

You do this by clicking the desired template and then clicking Create. Then the template will be downloaded automatically and immediately open on the editor page.

Making Business Cards With Microsoft Word

Edit text

Then edit the text according to your identity. Change the font type according to taste, make sure the font you choose is appropriate to make it look more professional.

Making Business Cards With Microsoft Word

How to edit it is very easy, just click on the name, company address, and other identities then type according to our identity. All text on the business card will be automatically replaced, so we no longer need to edit them one by one.

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If you already have your own logo you can also include it on a business card, place it in a position that is clearly visible. Resize it so it’s not too big. You can also modify existing graphic attributes such as changing colors or inserting other images as desired.

To change the logo on the business card according to the template, you can do this by right-clicking on the logo area > select Change Picture > select From a File > then select your logo that is stored on your computer.

Modify The Graphic

The logo will go directly to the business card and the size is right according to the box on the template. Repeat this step on the other business card fields until all the logos are attached.

Print a business card to see if it is the right size

Print your created business card to see if the size, text layout, and graphic elements are just right. To print, it can be done in the usual way, click File then select Print. Adjust the paper size according to the paper size being used and then click Print.


See if the results are right or not, you can make improvements based on the results of this print. Make sure the edges of the business card are easy to cut. Also pay attention to the colors and fonts on the printed business cards whether the results are good or not.

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Save the business card design file that has been created

After making sure everything fits, save the file on your computer.


Make sure you have upgraded your Microsoft Word to the latest version.

Done, we have successfully created a business card using Microsoft Word in a short amount of time. The advantage of using a template is that we don’t have to bother thinking about design and so on, just edit a little and a cool business card is ready. Good luck!

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