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OPTICXCESS — Increase PDF Size to Maximum Resolution

The size of the PDF file resolution greatly affects the quality of the writing and images in it. In order for the document to be read clearly when printed, the PDF resolution must be high, if the PDF file has a small resolution size it will definitely break and blur even when read on a laptop or cellphone monitor screen.

The problem is, PDF files that we get from the internet or other sources sometimes have a small resolution, so they look broken and blurry when read. For this reason, we must first increase the resolution size.

Fortunately, now there are several easy ways we can use to increase the PDF size. On this occasion, technocentric will share tricks that you can try.

Increase PDF resolution size without application

The first easiest way is to use the pdf resizer site, this way we can change the size of a PDF document online without having to install additional applications.

What we need is an internet connection and a browser, free, it can be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also, make sure the file you want to resize has been prepared.

Follow these steps:

Open a browser then go to the site:

First, open the browser on your laptop or PC, then go to this site

Upload the PDF file that you want to enlarge

After that upload the PDF file to the pdf resizer site, how to do it by pressing the Choose Files button > select the PDF file > click the Upload files button!

Increase PDF Size

We upload more than one PDF file on the condition that the total capacity of all these files is not more than 100 MB. Wait for the upload process to complete.

Increase the size of the PDF resolution

After the file is finished uploading, we will enter a new window like the one below.

Increase PDF Size

In the resolution section select the size of the new resolution you want. There are several options, namely:

  • low 72dpi – for screen viewing
  • med 150dpi – for the ebook
  • high 300dpi – for printing or printing
  • high + 300dpi – for pdf documents that contain many images

Select high + 300dpi resolution to get full color pdf quality.

Change the print size of the paper

If you want to print the PDF file, we can also change the paper size through this site. At the bottom, look at the Set paper size menu, select the desired paper size.

Increase PDF Size

In this tutorial I changed the paper size of a PDF file to legal, you can adjust it yourself depending on what you need it for.


After all the settings are finished, the last step is to press the Looks good, do the magic! Button. to start the resizing process.

Increase PDF Size

Wait until the process is complete, then press the Download button to save the file on your computer.

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Using Adobe Acrobat Reader

The way to increase the PDF size so that the resolution becomes higher and clearer is to use the Adobe Acrobat Reader application. This application is a PDF application that is quite complete with its features.

We can just use the free version because it already includes the features we need to change the PDF size. If you don’t have the application, download and install it first from here:

Download Adobe Reader

After the application is installed, open the PDF file that you want to resize with the application, then follow the steps below:

Click on the menu File> Print

Change the Page Scaling setting

Then we just need to enlarge the PDF size according to the paper size used. Look at the Page Scaling menu, select an option:

Change the Page Scaling setting

Fit To Printable Area to enlarge the PDF size or reduce it to fit the paper size.

Shrink To Printable Area to reduce the size of a PDF that is too large to fit the paper size.

Print PDF

After selecting the most suitable option, then we just need to print the PDF, by pressing the Print button.

This application is suitable for use if the PDF file you want to resize is going to be printed. Besides being able to increase the size of a small PDF resolution, we can also print a PDF size that is too large to fit the paper size.

Using the PDF2GO website

The last way to increase the size of the PDF so it doesn’t break and blur is to use the PDF2GO website. You can also use this site to change the PDF resolution without an application, all we need is a browser and an internet connection.

Follow the steps below:

Open the PDF2GO website

First, open the browser, then go to this page:

Upload the PDF file

PDF2GO website

Click the Choose File button then select the file you want to resize.

The upload process will happen automatically, we just have to wait until the upload process is complete.

Select the desired PDF size

After the file has been uploaded to the site, then we will resize it, click on the Size of pages menu.

There are several size formats that can be selected according to the desired print size.

Click the Start button

The final step is to press the Start button to begin the process of enlarging the PDF size. Wait for it to finish, then click the Download button to save the file to your computer.

Those are several ways to increase the PDF size, both the resolution and the print size of the paper when it is printed. I hope this helps.

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