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OPTICXCESS — Download Instagram Videos Directly Without Application

There are lots of interesting video content on Instagram that is shared every day by netizens from all over the world. Sometimes we come across videos that are either funny, unique, or useful that we want to save them.

Download Instagram Videos

But unfortunately on Instagram, there is no download feature that allows us to download these videos directly from the Instagram application. We can only save the video by pressing the save button, and it will enter our IG account collection, not download the file.

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So what’s the solution? Take it easy, on this occasion we will share a simple trick so that we can download Instagram videos directly without having to install additional applications. All you need is an android phone or iPhone, laptop, or PC connected to the internet and a browser, you can use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari for iPhone and iPad users.

How to download Instagram videos without an application

Find the video post that you want to download

The first step is to go to the video post you want to download, or if the video has been saved via the save IG feature, then go to the page by clicking the Saved menu. Likewise, if you want to download the IG video yourself, first enter the post in question.

Copy the url address of the video

Then copy or copy the URL of the Instagram video post. You do this by clicking on the three points in the upper right corner of the post then a pop-up window will appear and then click Copy Link again.

For Android or iPhone cellphone users it looks more or less like this:

Copy URL

For those of you who use a laptop or PC it looks like this:

Copy URL

After clicking, the video URL has been copied to the clipboard.

Go to the Instagram downloader site

The next step is to open the Instagram downloader site using a browser. There are several good sites that we use frequently, you can choose one of them.

We provide several alternative sites so that later if one is down or closed, you can use another one. In this tutorial, we will demonstrate using the site. Just click on one of the links above, then we will go to the main page of the site.

Paste the video url

On the site page for downloading Instagram, there will be a form where we are asked to paste the Instagram video URL that was copied earlier. Paste the link thereby right-clicking > paste.

Download Instagram Videos

Click the download video button

Then click the Download button, wait a moment until the site detects the video content, then when it’s finished the Download Video button will appear, click the button. After that, the video will automatically download to our computer or our cellphone. Videos produced in this way usually have a resolution of 360p (640 × 360) with a fairly small size.

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Done, we’ve managed to save the Instagram video that we want. Then you can re-share the video or post it on WhatsApp status, we usually do that, we post funny videos from IG on WA status, just for fun.

The advantages of using this method:
  • No need to install additional applications.
  • The steps are very easy, just as easy as copy and paste the link.
  • You can download all video content either on IG itself, friends, or other accounts that we follow.
  • You can download IG videos without following as long as the account is public.
  • Can be used on android phones, iPhones, iPods, Macs, laptops, and Windows PCs.
  • Works for all cellphone brands (Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Realme, Advan, Vivan, Mito, Evercross, Huawei, Nokia, and Asus).
The Disadvantages:
  • You can’t download many videos at once, you have to do it one by one.
  • Cannot auto repost videos.
  • Cannot download videos from accounts that have not been followed and set private.
  • Downloader sites sometimes have a lot of pop up ads which are quite annoying.
  • Cannot download high resolution videos.

If it’s just for storing interesting videos that we find on the timeline, this method is actually quite effective to use, but if the list of videos that you want to take is quite a lot it’s a bit complicated because you have to do it one by one. If you want to download a lot of videos you can use the application, on another occasion we will discuss it. So far now, hopefully it helps!

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